9th Inning Collection by Ann MannDesigns

9th Inning Necklace

9th Inning Necklace

This collection is special to me.

Not only is it my first collection I am releasing into the big wide world, but it is a dip in my childhood memories and a hat tip to my city.

Hat tip to my city

This collection is a direct nod to the Kansas City Royals!
2015 World Champs and 2014 AL Camps! It is a pleasure to call this collection the 9th Inning. For the Royals fans the 9th inning was the moment we clinched on to our lucky charm or flipped our rally cap, in hopes that the Royals would pull through for a tie for extra innings or a win. We witnessed this time and time again. 

Dip in my childhood

This collection invokes my first memories of moving to Kansas City in 1992. It was that summer I went to my first Royals game with my father.  They were playing the Detroit Tigers.  My dad started taking me to games as a little girl.  Growing up in Colorado Springs we didn’t have a professional team so we attended Colorado Sky Sox games. Moving to Kansas gave me my first professional team to root for! To quote my father: “Baseball is the only game you can play perfectly and still lose.”  

9th Inning Architecture

In creating this collection it was important for me to connect the architecture of the playing field to the piece of jewelry that would be worn. The large diamond space in the middle represents the infield, and all four bases that must be touched to make a run. The solid thick lines that make a V shape represent the foul pole lines. The two right triangles on either side represent the outfield.  The two small solid diamond shapes connecting the diamond and the triangles represent the bases. The three rounds shapes adorning the top represent three strikes. All of these elements represent the field in which the players play, but arranged in a way to represent a nod towards our Royals and their crown.

Beginning sketches of this design.  

Beginning sketches of this design.  

This collection is made from sterling silver with the crown pendent hand cut.  

I wanted to create this collection for the fans to support their team and town while
feeling fancy!


See you in the 9th! Christie